IT with a Human Face: History of Photography Development

It’s not fair that we know nothing about the first photographers and how photography developed. We just take it for granted that SLR cameras and smart phones help us take great pictures which then go directly to Facebook. Meanwhile, it took centuries for our predecessors to take the very first shot. Learn why the process was so complicated and don’t take your photos for granted – there is a long history behind photography.

Convert PDF to JPG using 2JPEG 8.3 Command Line Image Converter!

The latest version 2JPEG 8.3 has just been released to offer its consumers a wider range of abilities and functionality. 2JPEG is usually installed on server or on workstations to convert a large number of files to JPG automatically in batch mode.

All about JPEG Files

We hope this article has given you a good overview of the JPEG file format, why it is so popular, and some of the benefits of using it. Check back regularly for more information about images and software products to make using and converting images, like JPEG files, easier than ever before.

Batch Convert Word to JPG using 2JPEG Command Line Tool!

List of image files and documents 2JPEG 8.2 can convert in batch mode now contains 275 positions and includes Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word DOC, Excel XLS, PowerPoint PPT, PNG, TIFF, RAW, GIF, HTML, XPS, TXT, RTF and many others.

Convert XPS to JPG with 2JPEG Converter

Learn how to convert XPS files to JPG with 2JPEG command line converter. Free download.

Convert TIFF to JPG and Reduce Image Size Using 2JPEG 8.1

2JPEG is command line utility that is used to convert TIFF to JPG and to reduce the image size has been updated and improved by its developing company fCoder Group, Inc. The new version of 2JPEG lets customers reduce the size of image files and specify the resolution of PDF and XPS documents before converting them to JPG.

How to Get 2JPEG for FREE?

Just write a review of the program in your blog and send us a link to it. Just a short story about how the software helped you or why you think it’s useful. 5 or more sentences, a link to, and it is yours completely free of charge!

How to Protect Yourself when Sharing Photos in Social Network?

It’s fun to accompany the photos with a world map. There is one serious drawback though – when you publish these photos on Facebook or Instagram, they may attract undesirable attention and even thieves to your house.

Convert Photos, Scans, PDF Files and Images to JPG Using 2JPEG 8.0!

2JPEG 8.0 is free for non-commercial use. Among the formats the software supports are PDF and Photo Camera RAW. The updated program version offers many improvements in the image processing graphics core.