Convert TIFF to JPG and Reduce Image Size Using 2JPEG 8.1

2JPEG command line image converter software

Alexandria, VA – December 10, 2014.

2JPEG – command line utility that is used to convert TIFF to JPG and to reduce the image size has been updated and improved by its developing company fCoder Group, Inc. The program offers command line capabilities for processing image files making them less bulky and more universally accepted by a variety of devices.

2JPEG is bulk image conversion software with the command line interface. The new version of 2JPEG lets customers reduce the size of image files and specify the resolution of PDF and XPS documents before converting them to JPG.

TIFF file format implies high quality files, but very low mobility meaning that the files are not suitable for email correspondence, are hard to load and to display. Scanned documents are also saved as TIFF files, sometimes by default parameters, but this makes it necessary to convert TIFF to JPG and reduce image size. The resulting JPG images thus become suitable for the web and email correspondence.

Command line is usually the preference of IT professionals who will benefit from 2JPEG for processing a really large number of TIFF files to JPG, otherwise image files traffic may completely block the document workflow activity in the office.

Saving time for converting TIFF to JPEG is the main advantage of using 2JPEG program.

Below is the command line example of TIFF to JPG conversion and reducing the image size up to 800 x 600 pixels:

2jpeg.exe –src "C:\In\*.tif" –dst "C:\Out" -oper Resize size:"800 600"

Most of PDF and XPS documents contain data in the vector mode. By default, 2JPEG converts them to JPG images with resolution of 200 DPI. Below is an example of how to change this default value:

2jpeg.exe –src "C:\In\*.tif" –dst "C:\Out"-oper Rasterize res:300

Full list of the command line parameters IT professionals and system integrators can use with 2JPEG is available on this page.

2JPEG Licensing and Availability

2JPEG can be used free of charge if meant for non-commercial purposes. The program is available to be downloaded at:

Commercial purposes require purchasing a license. The price of the commercial license is $149. Discounts are possible for purchasing 5 or more licenses.

Site license for unlimited use within one corporation and developer license for unlimited distribution as a part of the 3-rd parity software kit are available at: