Batch Convert Word to JPG using 2JPEG Command Line Tool!

2JPEG image converter software

2JPEG command line tool helps convert hundreds of file types to JPEG, and the number of supported formats is constantly increased. Software developers - fCoder Group, Inc. has released the newest program version - version 8.2 offering 275 conversion positions.

Among the formats that can be converted are: PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, PNG, TIFF, RAW, GIF files and many others. 2JPEG program does not offer traditional interface, and all the conversion tasks are performed via the command line. The program is of demand by advanced users who have to convert hundreds or even thousands of documents and image files to JPG.

To start 2JPEG simply click Win+R hotkey and enter command line like:

2jpeg.exe -src "C:\In\*.*" -dst "C:\Out"

Saving 2JPEG command lines as CMD or BATCH files makes the use of the 2JPEG software more effective. Software developers benefit from 2JPEG using the program as the image conversion component.

2JPEG is not just an image converter. It allows numerous image processing effects prior to the actual image conversion. The software can rotate, scale, add a watermark, crop, flip, sharpen, convert to grayscale, fix gamma and contrast in image files before converting them to JPEG. 2JPEG can also change the resolution value when converting PDF, Word, Excel, HTML and other documents to raster JPG image file.

Version 8.2 of 2JPEG offers a wider range of file types recognized by the software. Among the files are: HTML, HTM, TXT, RTF, Microsoft Word DOC, DOCX, Excel XLS, XLSX, XLSM, PowerPoint PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, Visio VSD, VSDX, Publisher PUB. The full list of supported formats is available at:

Free version of 2JPEG 8.2 is now available for evaluative and non-commercial purposes at:

The price of the commercial license is $149. This license is available at: