Convert PDF to JPG using 2JPEG 8.3 Command Line Image Converter!

2JPEG command line image converter software

A number of products offered by fCoder Group, Inc. are oriented at corporate customers and IT professionals who set their own special requirements to programs' interface, speed of file processing, resulting file quality and general productivity. The number of files that these consumers have to process may exceed thousands, while the end user involvement should remain at a minimal degree.

To satisfy such requirements traditional user interface is not always a good solution; instead, there is used command line interface ensuring advanced file processing capabilities.

One of these products - 2JPEG is aimed at converting different types of files to the JPEG format. This task is one of the most frequent ones, since JPEG remains one of the most popular image formats thanks to its compact size and relatively high quality.

The latest version 2JPEG 8.3 has just been released to offer its consumers a wider range of abilities and functionality.

2JPEG is usually installed on server or on workstations to convert a large number of files to JPG automatically in batch mode.

The programming language – whether it's VB.NET, Java, C++, Python or PHP, does not really matter. Command line allows any programming language call another executable program as well as utilize scripts available on server for document flow.

The latest version of 2JPEG offers several enhancements related to a number of supported formats and conversion algorithms, such as:

The following conversion modules have been updated:

Developers have also successfully addressed some reported issues that occasionally appeared during specific conversion jobs.

In order to evaluate the program, download 2JPEG free of charge at:

Commercial program version is available for $149 and can be purchased at:

The company offers several discounting options available for nonprofit organizations, educational institutions or for a volume purchase.