How to Protect Yourself when Sharing Photos in Social Network?

All modern smartphones and photo cameras are able to save your geolocation when you take a photo. By default, this feature is usually switched on in most gadgets.

When you are on vacation, it's fun to accompany the photos with a world map. There is one serious drawback though – when you publish these photos on Facebook or Instagram, they may attract undesirable attention and even thieves to your house.

Protecting your home from information leaks is pretty easy. What you need to do is to just switch off the geotagging feature when using your iPhone or photo camera.

If the geotagged photo has already been taken, there is a way to remove geotags. Install the 2JPEG software, click Win+R and run the following command:

2jpeg.exe -src "C:\In\*.*" -dst "C:\Out" -jpeg keepexif:no keepiptc:no

After this all the image files you save in a folder C:\In will be converted to JPG and saved to folder C:\Out. The output image files will contain only images themselves. All the additional information, including your camera type and geotags will be skipped.

As a result, the converted JPG files will be 100% secure for social networks. Plus, the file size of your image files will be smaller, because additional tags added to your pictures take quite a noticeable part of your photo files.