Batch Convert to JPG with 2JPEG 9.0: Multi-source Support, Post-processing Actions, New Watermarking Methods, and more

Convert multiple files to JPEG via command line with the new and improved 2JPEG 9.0! This major update brings new useful features to automate conversion of almost any existing image file or document to the JPEG format.

fCoder 2JPEG Works from Windows PowerShell and Other Interfaces

2JPEG, a command-line tool for saving multiple files to JPEG, can be used not only from cmd.exe, but any other interface or command-line tool, including Windows PowerShell 5, 6, and 7.

2JPEG 8.4: Batch Convert to JPEG – Now in Service Mode

Convert images, PDF files and other documents in batch mode with new 2JPEG! We added ability to run 2JPEG in service mode, processing password-protected Word and PDF files, option to ignore alpha channel transparency plus some other improvements & fixes