fCoder 2JPEG Works from Windows PowerShell and Other Interfaces

Recently, there was a statement coming from Microsoft (tweet by Rich Turner published in May 2020). According to Microsoft's senior program manager, Command Prompt (cmd.exe) is now "in maintenance mode" and "should not be used for interactive shell work". 

We want to notify 2JPEG users that commands related to 2JPEG will work well, whether you decide to quit using Command Prompt or not. 

2JPEG, a command-line utility for saving office documents and images to the JPEG format, can work from PowerShell, including Windows PowerShell 5, PowerShell 6, and PowerShell 7. Actually, 2JPEG's operation doesn't depend on the interface being used – it works from a command-line tool, VBScript, PowerShell script, Java Script, a batch file, or even your own software source code.

Therefore, you should not worry if you decide to migrate from CMD to PowerShell or somewhere else. 2JPEG will work just fine.

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